The Industries Best Permanent Cosmetic Makeup Instructional Videos

The International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics offers a huge selection of instructional and educational DVDs and videos that will teach you the advanced secrets to performing exceptional permanent makeup procedures. Every DVD features procedures, instruction and narration by world-renown permanent cosmetics practitioner, educator, innovator and humanitarian Susan Church. IIPC’s famous DVD’s provide the perfect opportunity to refresh your skills, gain new knowledge and watch one of the industry’s most skilled artists at work. The best part about these full-length videos is that you can watch them over and over again - learning at your own pace and reviewing exactly what you need more practice on! Take advantage of this unique chance to be taught by Susan Church!

Corrective Pigment Camouflage with the Coil Machine Video

“Corrective Pigment Camouflage with the Coil Machine” is a full length, 56-minute DVD that allows you to watch CPC at its best. You will see the life-changing transformations of four different patients who all received different Corrective Pigment Camouflage procedures. With Susan Church giving you a step-by-step narration of each of the treatments she performs, you will gain a deep insight into CPC procedures, including: how to set-up for CPC, which techniques are the best and most effective to use, and when and how to use a color wash for better and more even camouflage, and so much more! You will also be able to see before and after photos of all of the patients that appear on the Corrective Pigment Camouflage video. This DVD will give you the educational base you need to learn CPC and start changing people’s lives for the better!

Skin Needling Video

Our “Skin Needling” video is 45 minutes long and is packed with information on the set-up, technique and execution of needling procedures. With this DVD, you will get a complete lesson about Skin Needling, detailing the secrets of activating the body’s natural collagen production to plump up and diminish fine lines, wrinkles and pitted acne scar tissue. Skin Needling was developed by Susan Church herself, and this video provides you the unique opportunity to learn this valuable craft straight from its originator! This video provides real testimonials from Skin Needling clients talking about how their needling treatments have worked better than chemical peels, laser treatments, dermabrasion, dermagin and other face-rejuvenating remedies. By adding Skin Needling to your list of services, you are sure to watch your profits skyrocket – so start learning now with IIPC’s “Skin Needling” instructional DVD!

Areola Repigmentation with the Coil Machine Video

“Areola Repigmentation with the Coil Machine” is an incredible opportunity to watch Susan Church repair the areolas of three women – helping to enhance their body image and confidence. This full-length 55-minute DVD explains the entire process of Areola Repigmentation, from tray set-up to special techniques for performing the procedure on thick, tough scar tissue. Watch Areola Repigmentation change the lives of a double mastectomy patient, a burn survivor with heavy scarring, and a patient who has always wanted larger and darker areolas. This powerful video will allow you to see the patients both before and after their procedures, but the most important part is that Susan Church walks you through every application with important information on technique, color choice and anesthesia application. Start learning Areola Repigmentation today with IIPC’s educational DVD!

Winning Colours for All Seasons Video

“Winning Colours for All Seasons” is the first video of its kind! Color theory is the most important aspect of any permanent makeup technician’s education – without a strong foundation in this area of permanent cosmetics, it is very hard to achieve success in your procedures. In this 55-minute instructional DVD, color expert Susan Church takes you through an entire lesson about how to choose, use and mix permanent cosmetic pigments the right way! Featuring Tri-Lab’s Designer Series pigments, the video provides instruction on color wheel analysis, universal laws of color, skin tone and color terminology, tips for color mixing and color correction, advice about how to achieve successful color application, and most importantly, foolproof color formulas that are used regularly by Susan Church herself! Make sure you have the strong foundation in color theory that you will need to be successful in the Permanent Cosmetics industry – order “Winning Colours for All Seasons” today and get the start you deserve!

Elegant Eyebrows with the Coil Machine Video

If the coil machine is your tool of choice, then you need “Elegant Eyebrows with the Coil Machine!” This instructional and educational DVD provides 35 minutes of instruction on how to create beautiful permanent eyebrows for your clients using the coil machine. You will watch Susan Church perform full eyebrow hair simulation procedures on three different clients while she explains the best techniques for using a 4-prong flat shading needle, a 1-prong needle and a 3-prong round needle to achieve the most realistic looking brows imaginable! This video instructs viewers on proper placement and symmetry, anesthesia application for client comfort, tray set-up, and more! Watch your eyebrow clientele grow and grow as you put these professional techniques to use in your own clinic! Order now!

Techniques in Eyebrow Hair Simulation Video

“Techniques in Eyebrow Hair Simulation” is the must-have instructional DVD that gives viewers 35 minutes of top-tier instruction on creating perfect, realistic eyebrows for every client! Each procedure is performed by and narrated by Susan Church – watching this educational video is like having a one-on-one lesson with the permanent makeup industry’s most sought after teach! Watch as she gives you lessons in color choice and application, effective grip techniques, application with various needle groupings, efficient tray set-up and so much more! “Techniques in Eyebrow Hair Simulation” is a surefire way to improve your skills for eyebrow procedures. Give your clients the fabulous brows they want and deserve – buy this DVD today!

Eyebrow Hair Simulation and Lash Enhancement for Men with the Rotary Machine Video

Learning from IIPC’s famous “Eyebrow Hair Simulation and Lash Enhancement for Men with the Rotary Machine” DVD is a perfect way to introduce yourself into the world of Permanent Cosmetics for men! This is a market that has experienced huge growth within the past few years, so to remain the top permanent cosmetics technician in your area you need to learn Susan Church’s proven techniques for performing procedures on men! Learn gentile grip and application techniques, how to efficiently use different needle groupings, how to subtly enhance existing features and more! The best part about this educational video? You will receive instruction directly from Susan Church while watching her work on numerous male clients! This 35-minute DVD is a must-have for those technicians looking to expand and enhance their businesses!!

Exquisite Eyeliner with the Coil Machine Video

“Exquisite Eyeliner with the Coil Machine” will teach you the most innovative techniques for creating beautiful, eye-enhancing eyeliner for all of your clients! Watch and listen as Susan Church applies permanent eyeliner to her clients with different needle groupings and colors with efficiency and skill. This DVD gives viewers expert instruction on how to carry out a flawless eyeliner procedure in just 20 minutes! You will watch Susan Church perform two full eyeliner procedures from start to finish – including the 6 month post-procedure touch-up applications! Get advice on the most effective way to apply anesthesia and how to grip the client’s eye so they can be comfortable throughout the entire procedure. If the coil machine is your tool of choice, then “Exquisite Eyeliner” is the DVD for you!

Techniques in Eyeliner Application with the Rotary Machine Video

“Techniques in Eyeliner Application with the Rotary Machine” is a don’t-miss opportunity to watch Susan Church in action as she performs expert eyeliner procedures on her valued clients. She will talk you through as she uses different colors, needle groupings and techniques to apply eye-enhancing liner, making the eyes of her clients POP and sparkle! “Techniques in Eyeliner Application” gives 35 minutes of instruction on proper and efficient tray set-up, correct anesthesia selection, approved client after care, and proper documentation through before and after photos. Take advantage of this incredible chance to receive an eyeliner lesson from Susan Church!

Lipliner and Full Lip Colour with the Rotary Machine Video

Learn how to give your clients beautiful, full lips with IIPC’s educational DVD, “Lipliner and Full Lip Colour with the Rotary Machine.” By viewing this video, you will observe a client who received a full lip color procedure a year prior get another lip color application to slightly change the color of her lip vermillion. Watch as Susan Church uses a 6-prong flat needle for maximum coverage and color retention! She reveals her trusted techniques and secrets for creating “dream lips” for all of her clients! This 40-minute DVD even provides a live client testimonial about how permanent cosmetics has bettered her life! It’s not to be missed – order today!

Luscious Lips with the Coil Machine Video

“Luscious Lips with the Coil Machine” is the ultimate lip color instructional DVD, distributed exclusively by the International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics! You’ll get step-by-step explanation and instruction from Susan Church as she performs three different lip procedures throughout this 50-minute video. Watch as Susan utilizes a Magnum shader needle (4 prongs on the bottom, 3 on the top) with expert technique to create beautiful, natural lip color. You will watch her perform lipliner, lip shading and even full lip color on 3 different patients with fabulous results! Learn from the best – order IIPC’s “Luscious Lips” DVD today!